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  • How to protect your business from cyber security attacks

  • Posted on: 20 April 2015
  • By: admin

In this digital age cyber thieves are constantly finding new ways to hack businesses. Below are the most common methods hackers use and what you can do to protect your brand and organization.

Malware Attacks

The average business loss in 2012 from a targeted attack was over $92,000. An infected website captures keystrokes, passwords and data and delivers to the hacker.

Best Defense
Run robust malware-detection software like Norton Toolbar.
Keep existing software updated.
Use an iPhone - Android phones are targeted more than any other mobile device.

Weak Passwords

80% of cyberattacks involve weak passwords. In less than a minute, a hacker can generate 420 billion eight-character password combinations

Best Defense
Use a unique password for each account.
Aim for at least 20 characters and preferably gibberish, not real words.
Insert special characters: @#$*&


Hackers hold your website hostage, often posting embarrassing content like porn, until you pay a ransom. $5 million is extorted each year.

Best Defense
As with malware, don’t click on suspicious links or unknown websites.
Regularly back up your data.

Phishing Emails

Bogus but official-looking emails prompt you to enter your password or click links to infected websites. Phishers stole $1 billion from small businesses in 2012.

Best Defense
Keep existing software, operating systems, and browsers updated with the latest patches.
Don’t automatically click on links in emails to external sites--retype the URL in your browser.

Social Engineering

Think 21st-century con artist tactics, e.g., hackers pretend to be you to reset your passwords. 29% of all security breaches involve some form of social engineering.

Best Defense
Rethink what you reveal on social media--it’s all fodder for social engineers.
Develop policies for handling sensitive requests like password resets over the phone.
Have a security audit done.